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Our school is a international massage and Thai yoga school for foreigner.
A Japanese lecturer who knows authentic Rusie teaches Rusie Dutton deeply
and in more detail.
Rusie ( Thai word) is a person who practicing asceticism who meditated in a
forest or mountain, and was holding a seclusion life. (Thai Yogi)
Those who want to study Thai Yoga professionally, please come and visit our
school by all means. Our Rusie Dutton yoga includes a diet effect.

We teach 200 kinds exercises in English and Japanese
You will be train in English or Japanese with a color photo textbook.
*The textbook also translated to in Russian and Spanish.

Rusie Dutton is a gymnastics that is said to have been done by a hermit who used to live in the forest  in
the ancient time. It is a yoga exercise that Thai Ministry of Health spread with Thai massage.

Our yoga class include daily preparation exercise, correct respiration, Rusie Dutton poses
(standing, sitting, lie down position, etc.) total in 30 kinds of preparatory exercise and 170 types of poses.I

A healthy exercise that is good for everyone from children to elder, man, women, yoga experienced
persons and inflexible body people.
Rusie Dutton has 127 exercises recommended by Thai Ministry of Health, 7 new heads, face exercises.
(Some Rusie have multiple exercises)
Of these, Rusie Dutton expert Master Masayuki teaches about 170 poses exercises chosen.

The curriculum of our school has many exercises which doing Thai massage by ourselves. For headache,
neck stiffness, stiff shoulder, lower back pain, paws effective for foot pain and tiredness.
Moreover, the balance adjustment effect of the body is high, and there are also exercises that you can
adjust the distortion of yourself.

The original Rusie Dutton is an exercise that was needed to restore the body that got tired, stiff and
distorted by meditation and practice, to a normal state.
These exercises also be utilized for modern people who are distorted by various work and lifestyle.

Moreover, Our instructor course is suitable for those who aim to be lecturers.
Our school certified instructor will be able to issue the school's certificate of completion (Chargeable)  and
your own yoga studio will be certified as our sister school.
Rusie Dutton Yoga for Neck
Rusie Dutton Yoga for Lower Back
Rusie Dutton Yoga for Leg
Rusie Dutton Yoga for Scapula