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Tuition Fee 2018  New

*There is the manual of English, Russian, Japanese color photo textbook

Master Yuuki is also a visiting lecturer at the Rajabhat Phuket University.
He teach massage, foot reflexology, rusie dutton yoga sometimes in the university campus.
If you would like to learn a full-scale massage or Rusie Dutton please come
to Phuket for study.

Experience Course Day On Schedule
/Small Group
Thai Massage Basic 1 Day 1  2,300B 2,500B
Thai Massage Basic 2 Days
*The schedule class starts from the start date of the basic course.

Regular Course on schedule Day Tuition
1. Level 1 : TTMS Basic Thai Massage Class  5  7,000B
2. Level 2 : TTMS Intermediate Thai Massage Class  5  9,000B
3. Level 3 : Advanced Technique, Deep Tissue Massage
   Use Elbow, Knee, Foot technique
 5 10,000B
4. Level 4 : Royal Massage, Point of the SEN
Symptom Reduction Massage Technique
 5 12,000B
5. Level 5 : Pelvis, Spine Adjustment,
Combination Technique, Tok-Sen
 5 12,000B
6. Instructor Training Course(Please ask detail)
 *Students who completed 150h training
----- -----
7. Herb Ball Compress with Make a Fresh Herbal Ball1 Day
(On Saturday)
8. Chiang Mai Style Massage (High Quality / Free Schedule)
Free Schedule Course and Private Training

9. Free Schedule Lesson from except on schedule class
Level 1-2

Level 3-5
+1,000B /Course

+3,000B /Course
10. Private Training of the Basic and Intermediate Class
 *Normally 2 or 3 days  / Course.*Free Schedule
11. Private Training of  the Technical Massage of Level 3-5
 *Students who do not take classes from basic courses are
also available to attend  
*Free Schedule.
first day

after 2nd day


Thai Massage Certificate
Level 1-5 (30,60,90,120,150h)
Instructor Course (180-372h)
Techqunical Massage Course
Chiang Mai Style Course
1,2,3 days Course

TTMS Certificate
 60h: For Level 2,3,4 completion
150h: For Level 5 completion
372h: For Instructor Level 5 completion

Instructor Level 1-5
Include :
Tuition fee, English, Russian, Japanese color photo textbook, Certificate
*We are going to present our T-shirt to a person of completion more than 60h class.
*We are going to give a Certificate of TTMS (Authorized by Thai
government) if student complete more than 60h Thai massage class

Instructor Course:
It is necessary study 1-5 courses beforehand.
Including Qualification of Thai massage instructorl and registration fee
*Lesson of teacher training student starts from the basic course.

*Please ask us about detailed information of this qualification if you interedted in it.

Group Lesson Class Day On Schedule
/Small Group
1.Foot Reflexology Basic 2  5,000B
2.Foot Reflexology Advanced
3.1 Day Lesson on Schedule 1 2,500B
4.1 Day Lesson Free Schedule
5. Retest (Practical test, Paper test each)
*We can teach free schedule lesson when we have not so much student.
 Additional tuition +1,000B / course for each course.

Tuition fee, English, Russian, Japanese color photo textbook,,Certificate

*There is a homework of Advanced course 10h

Course Day TuitionFee
1. Rusie Dutton Thai Yoga Basic Course 4 4,000B
2. Instructor Training with Advanced Rusie Dutton Course
3. 2nd time and subsequent yoga training for Rusie Dutton  instructor registered person  *Textbook fee separately
 (Applicable also to graduates before 2018)    NEW
4. Private Training (1h) ---  2,000B
5. 1 Day Rusie Yoga
*We will give the certificate of the total time until now when instructor registrer  finish the second and
subsequent training.

 2nd time: 50h / 3rd time: 75h / 4th time: 100h /................. 8th time: 200h /
*We recommend that Instructor student learn Thai massage class more than basic class.
Rusie Yoga has many self-massage exercise. You can understand it deeper if you learn Thai
*All session completion are able to registrate our instructor. Instructor can isssue ourcertificate.
*We give a instructor qualification to registrated instructor.
*Please ask us about detailed information of instructor registration if you interested in it.

Include :
Tuition fee, English, Russian, Japanese color photo textbook, Certificate

*We will present our T-shirt to a student who take all session.
Included (Instructor package)
Tuition fee, textbook, advanced course completion certificate,
instructor registration fee, instructor qualification,

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